Thursday, April 4, 2013

The One of a Kind Show 2013

THANK YOU everyone! 

This last weekend was such a blast! I can't thank everyone enough for being a part of this event and appreciating my work. It's so lovely to see that the love for handmade crafts still exists in a world where   there's so many big boxed companies making a million things out of plastic and selling them like hot cakes. Thanks to everyone who purchased my items and came by to say such kind things. It really helped encourage me to keep doing what i'm doing and to never doubt my passion.

The grand display! 

golden sumo

the weirdos

a snap of the pins I was selling - Uncle Stan, Auntie Mapo, Bowl-boys and love pins

The gum ball machine I bought was a success! I had many try to get the sculptures they wanted and surprisingly most of them did! 

more sculptures

I sold a lot of these guys! 

good luck you're need it kitties

sculptures in a glass

sample prizes you can get from the capsule machine!

These LOVELY photos by my one and only, Melissa Luk
Thanks to everyone who helped out too!!!!! I couldn't have done it all by my lonesome. I Love you guys Melissa, Anita, Otis and my booth mates: Niki and Jordan of Kards,  Michelle of thunder peep designs and Marijke of m.b.l.e jewelry!

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