Friday, July 20, 2012

TOAE Recap and Big On Bloor 2012!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit my booth in the scolding heat! The first day I practically melted in my chair. This is the first year I've done the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and I must say it was pretty fun! It was so great to meet those of you who stopped by to see my work and buy my art : ) SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! (hopefully)

little fighters

Bowlboy pins! coming to an etsy soon! (before the weekend)

Skull Necklaces
Naked Sumo on Lotus
cat soap

Asian Galore

Also, thanks to those of you who wrote such kinda words and signed up for the mailing list!
be sure to expect something in your inbox soon :D

ALSO, be sure to see my yellow face at the Big on Bloor Festival this weekend! The XSPACE Cultural Centre was so kind to invite me to man a portion of their table and sell my goods!
The Festival is FREE!
 Saturday 1-9pm
Sunday 12-6pm

Be sure to stop by and say hi! I also have some buds tabling with me and exhibiting their stuff at the festival! Check em out!

Eunice Luk
Marc O'Brian
Ngadi Smart
Leone McComas

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