Monday, June 25, 2012

I Don't Speak Chinese: Money!

Growing up, responsibility has be instilled at a very young age. I was exposed to a materialistic culture and the cost that comes with it. I remember wanting money to buy many things when I was young- in particular, the cutesy stationary sets that every asian girl wanted. Not to mention those sparkly star folding strips *_*. I remember begging for it and being told (by my mother I think) that when I earn my own money I can get whatever I wanted (soon a statement she regrets saying) So then I got a job as a newspaper courier for my street and bought everything cute and asian : ) In conjunction I felt that with money, lifestyles become tighter and more restricted, especially when dealing with such high density countries such as China.

Money!  12x16 acrylic and gouache 

compositional sketches

preliminary sketches- compositional re-working

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