Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thesis Reese's Pieces Wrap up: I Don't Speak Chinese

It's been a week since the Gradex 2012 show, and I cannot be more thankful for the insanely creative people around me for the past 4 years and the loved ones that came by to visit and support me on such a momentous night. THANK YOU! I've learned an insane amount this year not only about myself but about being creative and embracing the mistakes you make.

The set-up is finally complete with a Cha Sew Bao. ( BBQ pork bun)

The veneer business cards I made! 

"Good luck, you'll need it" zine

It was incredibly tough doing a thesis about myself, yet in the end, rewarding. I came out a person more confident about who I am and the way I grew up. Being segregated within segregation was very confusing- never really finding a place in a circle you can call your own. This concept has always been an on going struggle I've had with myself, a strong insecurity that I've lived with and never really come to terms with until now. So, that being said, I've never had the chance to say thank you to everyone who's stuck by my side in my life, my family, those who've stuck around, those who've wiped my tears and licked my tears. Thank you : ) 

Also, Thank you to my thesis prof, Tavis Coburn- He was an amazing Thesis Dad, and one of the most generous, honest and humble Illustrators I've ever met. Sometimes thesis classes turned into a media studios class, and I've learned so much with the handling of media and without him I don't think I would be the illustrator I am today.

Apologies for the mushy/dramatic post- didn't intend for this to happen! but after working on a personal body of work for a whole year, graduating and prepping to go out into the big world of illustration, I can honestly say it's been a crazy year. I am honestly so happy to have met the people I did at OCADU- we were truly a talented year and I have no doubt in my mind we will all do amazing creative things. 


  1. I met you at the TOAE and I have become a Super fan! My goodness you are one talented lady!

  2. D'AWW thanks Jamie! Thanks Lucky :D it was so great to meet you! your embrioderies *_* haaww