Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The last big assignment of the year is finally over with (excluding the GradEx show coming up, gah!) Here's a final group assignment done for Drawing and Painting with Gillian Iles. This assignment was to curate a mini group show. The topic we decided to base our pieces on was the idea of Stolen Identities. My interpretation of "Stolen" was more on an exterior level of identity in terms of judgement and taking things for face value. 

Donut Man 12x16 Acrylic and Gouache
"Donut Man" is a take on the phrase, 'You Are What You Eat" dealing with the idea of craving and how powerful hunger can really be. In such a way where survival and being agressive/competitive becomes a completely different side of oneself.

New life 11x16 Acrylic and Gouache

"New Life" refers to moments of commitment- in this case, marriage. The aspect of starting anew, a new last name, a new lifestyle and leaving behind a different life.

Walking the Puppies 8x10 Acrylic and Gouache

 "Walking the Puppies" at first, was really an excuse of me to paint boobs on a leash. In the end I came to a resolve that It was about sexual identity, you know those moments when people can't tell where your face is- up here, or down there : )

Preliminary Sketches

Check out the other fellow artists I had the pleasure of exhibiting with!


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