Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thesis 2012: I Don't Speak Chinese

Self Portrait, 4 x 3, acrylic on wood

“I Don’t Speak Chinese” is a personal account of life as a banana surrounded by lemons. Growing up as a child, I was immediately submerged into life as an asian living a not so asian lifestyle. Being of Hakka descent, a dying language in itself, I grew up in a dissimilar category compared to the norm based on the fact that my parents were born and raised in India. In addition to being confused of my origins, constant themes of exclusion and self-definition have been posed in my life. An analysis of the personal disconnect experienced with culture and race while being exposed to a more western way of living is explored. Stuck in no mans’ land, this thesis explores my experiences in entering public spaces and situations as a twinkie and the amusing stereotypical notions that I frequently encounter along the way.

preliminary sketches

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