Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thesis 2012: Dumperogie

“I Don’t Speak Chinese” is a personal account of life as a banana surrounded by lemons.
Acrylic gouache on 5x4 wood panel

The metaphysical transformation that takes place when 'the dumpling' enters my soul and what I get out of it as a result. Using the similarities of dumplings and perogies to western and eastern culture, respectively, I illustrate the way I've lived interpreting both points of views. Often times having while doing so my opinion is shaped and influenced by a more western way of living- a less traditional and more modern path of rationalization. 

some preliminary sketches


  1. How many pieces does your thesis include? Are you already finished or showing the progress?

  2. Hey Jardley! My thesis is still growing! got a few more to produce. The ones i'm showing on this blog are finished : )