Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Just Wanna Love You

Gocco print on uber old book of poems

Over the holidays I've decided to splurge on a gocco printer! It's pretty pricey but so fun to use! My first time printing however was very dodgy. Figuring out the ways of registration and the type of carbon copies you needed got me confused : ( It sucks that this is a dying medium. Hopefully in the near future gocco printing will return :D Above is a previous sketch I've done about smooth talkin' no good men.

Also, tomorrow I'll be selling some zines, buttons, stickers and goodies at the OCADU Zine Fair! Come check it out! I also have a surprise item I''ll be baking tonight. Hopefully I won't burn the house down! SEE YOU THERE! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet Ralph.

Meet Ralph.

Ralph takes a dump.

Ralph falls in love with a stripper

Ralph is awesome
Thanks Mel, have my babies. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Society of Illustrators In Show : )

Recently took a chance and submitted a few pieces to the Student Scholarship Competition by the Society of Illustrators and my dumpling soldiers made it! Fingers crossed for the finals : D Also, thanks to the amazing Keita who helped organize our submission!

annnnd congrats to fellow OCADers Jeannie Phan  and Jon Smegal : ) 

Check out all the other amazing submissions here!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thesis 2012: Dumperogie

“I Don’t Speak Chinese” is a personal account of life as a banana surrounded by lemons.
Acrylic gouache on 5x4 wood panel

The metaphysical transformation that takes place when 'the dumpling' enters my soul and what I get out of it as a result. Using the similarities of dumplings and perogies to western and eastern culture, respectively, I illustrate the way I've lived interpreting both points of views. Often times having while doing so my opinion is shaped and influenced by a more western way of living- a less traditional and more modern path of rationalization. 

some preliminary sketches

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thesis 2012: I Don't Speak Chinese

Self Portrait, 4 x 3, acrylic on wood

“I Don’t Speak Chinese” is a personal account of life as a banana surrounded by lemons. Growing up as a child, I was immediately submerged into life as an asian living a not so asian lifestyle. Being of Hakka descent, a dying language in itself, I grew up in a dissimilar category compared to the norm based on the fact that my parents were born and raised in India. In addition to being confused of my origins, constant themes of exclusion and self-definition have been posed in my life. An analysis of the personal disconnect experienced with culture and race while being exposed to a more western way of living is explored. Stuck in no mans’ land, this thesis explores my experiences in entering public spaces and situations as a twinkie and the amusing stereotypical notions that I frequently encounter along the way.

preliminary sketches