Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello there, it's been a while~!

I'm going to be making this post a long one! I'll be away for 3 weeks backpacking around Europe ( AIYEE! EXCITED) so i'm going to be putting my posts all together this time.

Been working and checking out some awesome shows- one of them being TCAF ( Toronto Comic Arts Festival) which was awesome this year! They had a fabulous line up of some cool supahstar artists for signings and talks.

Koyama Press!! big bright signage~ love!

I finally picked up a copy of Jillian Tamaki's Indoor Voice- and got it signed too!

I got all tingly watching her draw : 3 she's one of my favorite illustrators- and after looking through her other books/comics- even more so!

My ever growing collection!

Jesse Jacobs! a cool guy with even cooler comics.I'm absolutely in love with the way he draws his characters and the quirky little stories that come with it. Definitely a new favorite :D

My signed copy of Indoor Voice By Jillian Tamaki

The cutest thing ever! By Ginette Lapalme

My favourite page

GUESS WHO I FOUND on the 4th edition of The Wilding- my lover Melissa Luk!

Fiona Smith's The Never Weres! Fiona's an amazing teacher at OCAD- introduced me to this wonderful work of comics : 3

On a side note....

Lately I've been busy with work and anticipating my upcoming trip to Europe! (super excited weeeee!!) Because of this I've been hustlin' to get some stickers printed so I can invade the walls of europe with my chubby minions.

Queen and Spadina ( probably gone by now :( lol )

Another little creation - mothers day inspired
OR perhaps my potential future appearance after giving birth to 7 children.

ou, and I forgot to mention the recent art trade I did with super talented friend, Archie!! :D I owe him a painting.. my linoprint is nothing in comparison : 3


  1. The sticker idea is so cute! I also love the Small Victories cover with all the little chickadees on it <3 Have fun in Europe!

    thanks elaine! :D this is a late reply but europe was awesome :D stuck em errywhurr