Sunday, February 6, 2011


I still don't get why he's called the Teflon Don~ apparently nothing sticks to him? what if we dipped him in honey- would anything stick to him then? Sticky Don?

Anyways, here is a portrait assignment done in Illustrator and photoshop!! During this project I've learned that Rick Ross was an Ex-Cop! hahahahha I can see him eating a donut.

I finished this a few days ago, but I'm still stuck on the colours : ( textures are a beautiful thing! it's a gift and a curse because now I've got too many variations heh

Whatchu think homie? top or bottommmm?

Also, special love goes out to Myra Phan for giving me a shout on her art and design blog, The Lemon Pencil! check it out : )


  1. ahhh same reference pic AND u got the tattoo i left out XD awesome stuff but id have to say top... never fuck up ;)

  2. lol which tattoo was itt?! lol i kinda bs-ed them.. they were so faintt! and i know that reference picture is too good- but for me it's pretty simular : ( i think joel will be evil about it lol

  3. this is Awesome it looks so high end, like something in the editorial column of Rolling Stone or something like that. I like the top one better, the reds really bring out the subtleties that might be missed with the more muted palette in the lower pic.

  4. aww thanks summer wind! : ) *blush
    i think i might go with the red! seems a little more gangster too, hehe

  5. Love the red one too~ but u can see the tats more clearly in the second one :o