Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Editorial Spot Illustrations

Ooh, editorial! I was pretty pumped to learn that we'd be doing a few of these. Although I've recently acquired a temporary phobia to spot illustrations- it has nonetheless been fun ta do. This semester was filled with spot illustrations! or at least illustrations with small dimensions. The limited space provided definitely challenged us to condense our information and detail in order to clearly convey our concepts- a challenge that I both hated and loved T-T

So for this assignment, we were asked to create three spot illustrations based on a list of interesting facts that was provided. Another requirement was that the illustrations must be related to each other aesthetically ( with color or style) so, here they are! :)

Chance that a female U.S. street prostitute during any given week will be arrested by a police officer: 1 in 67.
Chance that she will have sex with that police officer: 1 in 33

Ratio of the number of people world-wide who are overweight to the number who are undernourished: 5:3

Average number of extra calories children consume for every hour of television they watch: 167

p.s. !! - a quick game to play if you are super bored, or looking for an excuse to not do your homework- in one of these three spot illustrations- there is something missing!! :O

first one to spot it gets a big, sloppy awkward embrace by yours truly :)


  1. the prostitute has no hands!
    was it on purpose? :P

  2. lol! yayyyy ding ding ding!
    nuuu it was an accident. :3 hahaha
    i..i i mean totally for conceptual reasons! lol