Tuesday, June 15, 2010

YESYESYES! fun camera times to come : )

So now that I'm slightly free-er then usual, I'm planning to get back to my crazy camera obsession : D test out some more cameras/films, and hopefully come out with some sick shots

I love you eBay! my cheap Fuji films came in : D
now i can happily shoot 110 more photos

Also last Sunday I went to Woof stock with Otis and the dogs at St. Lawrence's market. OMIGAW dogs literally everywhere! Oddball was scared shitless! I had to carry it for most of the time -_-.. Anywho, coincidentally we were there for Antique Sundays! and i got these babies : 3 can't wait to test these guys out! (if its even possible lol- time to hit ebay)

Next goal: to get a new and better lens for my Nikon D40x : ] (MONIES T_T)

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