Saturday, June 5, 2010

Screen Printing : D

my screen! using drawing fluid and screen filler : )

inked on the acetate

4 layers into the prints

I felt like such a machine!
it was quite an awesome feeling : ]

So I've been taking screen printing this summer with Shannon Gerard ( who, by the way is very cool, and an awesome teacher! she definitely knows her stuff) and we did a total of 4 projects. This one here is project #2, where we had to incorporate three elements: texture, line and blocks of colour. I don't know if you remember my boatman piece in Harvey's media studies class, but I decided to revisit that piece and try a shot at making it better.

I absolutely LOVE printmaking! the process is very tedious and you have to do a lot of repetitive movements BUT the outcome is sooo satisfying and exciting! even though I'm still new to this stuff i will make it my mission to keep exploring this medium!! and hopefully invest in an aluminum screen! ( 80 bucks X_x AHH)

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