Saturday, June 5, 2010

Granny, knit me some noodles

The Final Project!

This was the project i was most excited about! the project was to screen print onto any experimental surface and of course i had to choose t-shirt prints! so i can rock my illu's all summer haha. I had huge difficulties figuring out what to put on my shirts. after hours of thinking and brainstorming, I decided i wanted to express my love for noodles and grandmothers. I love my grandma and I love my noodles! So here's Grandma knitting me a a naruto fish cake : 3 ( i just call them naruto's ahha i think they're just called fish cakes tho)

p.s. colours of the following images didn't translate to what they really are ( more of a pastel thing going on) so just bear with meh : )
original sketch, refined through a lightbox

print on paper #1 - background leaked, boo! : (

print on paper #2 - colour experimentation

print on paper #3 - trying to make up for the screw up one haha

print on paper #4 - colour refinement


  1. Hahah I love the concept! I love illustration style! LoVE love love

  2. wow awesome print! nice work Ness!