Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So yesterday marked the last day of summer school for me! and the last day of my horrendous weekend! all I can say is delegates of Algeria will NOT tip you! Anyways, the following is the last big project we had for Kathryn Adams Guerrilla Entrepreneurism class. We had to create a business plan and a prototype- so of COURSE i did jewelry design. I love necklaces. If i see one i like, 90% of the time i always buy it ( except when I have otis around GRR lol) So here it is! i recently purchased a scroll saw, and cut out some magic! this one here was a oval cut i sanded down and stained. I later woodburned my character on. I decided to burn Mr.Owl because i felt like putting a monocol on some sort of animal : P My company was called Everafter- inspiration from a movie. SO HERE IT IS! expect to see me rockin' this thang once and a while : D

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