Saturday, June 5, 2010

Butter me up, baby!!!

Project #3 !

So for project numero three in our screen printing class, we tried a photo exposure technique. For this technique we were to find any image and expose it onto our screen. By far WAYY easier than project #2 where i had to paint in my image haha. In about 3 minutes i had the image into my screen! compared to the hour or so it took me to paint, geezze. But it was a good learning experience : D so some of you may recognize this image. It's one of my rejected sketches for the project i bombed in Gary Taxali's class. I decided to resurrect Mr.Breadbutters! and it was awesome! i had some registration problems, and tested my colours on different types of paper. Overall, I was very happy with the outcome : D there's something about screen printing where anything you make feels so goood. haha

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