Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back from the gift shop!

BANKSY in Toronto! : D

Cute proposal

HEY Y'ALL! sorry it's been a while! summer school and work has been taking up most of my time : ( but hey I got PLENTY to update!

Recently/a while ago ( been losing track of my days lately) my girls and I watched, "Exit through the gift shop" a banksy film- and it was awesome! the movie kind of left us rattled ( for reasons i cannot tell you- don't wanna ruin the movie for ya : P ) however gaining that insight and watching street art in the moment was uber cool! kinda made me wanna vandalize somethin'.

So after watching that movie we walked around downtown chinatown and GUESS WHAT?! I spotted a banksy! on Spadina just before Queen! it was like a happily ever after to our day.
someone also wrote a cute message to banksy above it, asking him to marry him/her.

i'm going to make it my mission to seek out the rest of the Banksy pieces in Toronto! RAWR

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