Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hehe : )


So yesterday marked the last day of summer school for me! and the last day of my horrendous weekend! all I can say is delegates of Algeria will NOT tip you! Anyways, the following is the last big project we had for Kathryn Adams Guerrilla Entrepreneurism class. We had to create a business plan and a prototype- so of COURSE i did jewelry design. I love necklaces. If i see one i like, 90% of the time i always buy it ( except when I have otis around GRR lol) So here it is! i recently purchased a scroll saw, and cut out some magic! this one here was a oval cut i sanded down and stained. I later woodburned my character on. I decided to burn Mr.Owl because i felt like putting a monocol on some sort of animal : P My company was called Everafter- inspiration from a movie. SO HERE IT IS! expect to see me rockin' this thang once and a while : D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

YESYESYES! fun camera times to come : )

So now that I'm slightly free-er then usual, I'm planning to get back to my crazy camera obsession : D test out some more cameras/films, and hopefully come out with some sick shots

I love you eBay! my cheap Fuji films came in : D
now i can happily shoot 110 more photos

Also last Sunday I went to Woof stock with Otis and the dogs at St. Lawrence's market. OMIGAW dogs literally everywhere! Oddball was scared shitless! I had to carry it for most of the time -_-.. Anywho, coincidentally we were there for Antique Sundays! and i got these babies : 3 can't wait to test these guys out! (if its even possible lol- time to hit ebay)

Next goal: to get a new and better lens for my Nikon D40x : ] (MONIES T_T)

YESSH! fun camera times to come : D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recent Sketches : )

I know it's been a while with the updates, but I really have been sketching!...slowly.. haha
the last two was done recently- thanks to Jenn Liv and Archie for being somewhat still models. The one of Jenn is supposed to be teasing her about how much she misses her bilobino boo WAKAKAKAA


me sporting my new tank! : D
also gots me several other printed versions on T-shirts and tanks!

( please ignore my attempt at a sexy body shot hahaha - i don't practice enough)

Granny, knit me some noodles

The Final Project!

This was the project i was most excited about! the project was to screen print onto any experimental surface and of course i had to choose t-shirt prints! so i can rock my illu's all summer haha. I had huge difficulties figuring out what to put on my shirts. after hours of thinking and brainstorming, I decided i wanted to express my love for noodles and grandmothers. I love my grandma and I love my noodles! So here's Grandma knitting me a a naruto fish cake : 3 ( i just call them naruto's ahha i think they're just called fish cakes tho)

p.s. colours of the following images didn't translate to what they really are ( more of a pastel thing going on) so just bear with meh : )
original sketch, refined through a lightbox

print on paper #1 - background leaked, boo! : (

print on paper #2 - colour experimentation

print on paper #3 - trying to make up for the screw up one haha

print on paper #4 - colour refinement

Butter me up, baby!!!

Project #3 !

So for project numero three in our screen printing class, we tried a photo exposure technique. For this technique we were to find any image and expose it onto our screen. By far WAYY easier than project #2 where i had to paint in my image haha. In about 3 minutes i had the image into my screen! compared to the hour or so it took me to paint, geezze. But it was a good learning experience : D so some of you may recognize this image. It's one of my rejected sketches for the project i bombed in Gary Taxali's class. I decided to resurrect Mr.Breadbutters! and it was awesome! i had some registration problems, and tested my colours on different types of paper. Overall, I was very happy with the outcome : D there's something about screen printing where anything you make feels so goood. haha



the final : ) - i'm pretty happy with it!
even tho i got some leakages here and there.
what do you think? : D

my attempt to incorporate my duckies : (
somehow the ink did not register the way i thought it would- it was too transparent
even when i re-mixed the paint. BOO! so I decided it was better without the duckies. RIP duckies! : (

Screen Printing : D

my screen! using drawing fluid and screen filler : )

inked on the acetate

4 layers into the prints

I felt like such a machine!
it was quite an awesome feeling : ]

So I've been taking screen printing this summer with Shannon Gerard ( who, by the way is very cool, and an awesome teacher! she definitely knows her stuff) and we did a total of 4 projects. This one here is project #2, where we had to incorporate three elements: texture, line and blocks of colour. I don't know if you remember my boatman piece in Harvey's media studies class, but I decided to revisit that piece and try a shot at making it better.

I absolutely LOVE printmaking! the process is very tedious and you have to do a lot of repetitive movements BUT the outcome is sooo satisfying and exciting! even though I'm still new to this stuff i will make it my mission to keep exploring this medium!! and hopefully invest in an aluminum screen! ( 80 bucks X_x AHH)

Finger Owwie : (

so lately i've been trying to commit career suicide by slicing a bit of my nail and finger. I won't take a pic of my finger now... because it's quite disturbing : (

Back from the gift shop!

BANKSY in Toronto! : D

Cute proposal

HEY Y'ALL! sorry it's been a while! summer school and work has been taking up most of my time : ( but hey I got PLENTY to update!

Recently/a while ago ( been losing track of my days lately) my girls and I watched, "Exit through the gift shop" a banksy film- and it was awesome! the movie kind of left us rattled ( for reasons i cannot tell you- don't wanna ruin the movie for ya : P ) however gaining that insight and watching street art in the moment was uber cool! kinda made me wanna vandalize somethin'.

So after watching that movie we walked around downtown chinatown and GUESS WHAT?! I spotted a banksy! on Spadina just before Queen! it was like a happily ever after to our day.
someone also wrote a cute message to banksy above it, asking him to marry him/her.

i'm going to make it my mission to seek out the rest of the Banksy pieces in Toronto! RAWR