Friday, April 16, 2010

LAW-KEY's portraits

Portraits we had to do for Lauchie Ried's Drawing and Painting class.. GOSH these were such a pain in the buttox. Lately, I've been getting so annoyed when I look at myself in the mirror because I feel like I gotta do a portrait all of a sudden. Each portrait we had to do a certain colour study. In total we did 4 portraits, the 4th one is pretty bad haha so I decided to save you from your eyes bleeding.  

Greyscale study

Burnt Umber and Ultramarine
 study of warm and cool tones
the eyes were SO FREAKY haha I had to censor it. 

Portrait study - using all colours and such 
murrr....... not really satisfied with this
ran out of time : [

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  1. omg ness~ the first one is totally amazing <33