Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creative Life Store: Post- Secret Series

So for the final project in Gary Taxali's class, we were asked to do a Creative Life Store, inspired by the beautiful losers? ( i think that's right) So basically we were to make a series of pieces about anything, usually something personal or expresses a bit of who you are. 
I took a different approach to this, and decided to illustrate Post Secrets. Being inspired by Christian Northeast's illustrations of people's prayers, I thought it would be fun to do the same. I also wanted to work a little more on my concept development. For these pieces I did some pyrography (wood-burning) and I loved it! My linework needs some work, but overall I'm puuurrdyy happy about these pieces : D 

The following image quality is pretty crappy- I made quick snap shot before i left for school. 

Warning: the following content may offend some.. or make you feel a little nastay. I chose these post secrets in particular because they got my juices flowing, some were funny and some were just plain crazzzay/weird-- which is what i like : P hahaha 

"I tasted my own menstrual blood"

"When I'm alone in a public washroom, I like to stand  4 feet away from the urinal"

"My wife says she's seen smaller, but I think she's just being kind.."

"I got tired of being pregnant, so I broke my water two weeks early so the baby would be born."


  1. this feels... right....awesumz!

  2. These were so awesome .. and smelled absolutely divine

    :D Great job ness!

  3. LOL spank you mah darlins : D !!!!!!
    the smell did grow on me! MMM plastic wood : D

  4. aww i wish I smelled the paintings :(
    these were so great vanessa :]

  5. The peeing one is my fave!! :DD

  6. ahha mine too babe : D tytyty!